Other Names:
Month, Mentu, Monthis

(Month, Mentu; G/R Monthis) - "Nomad" Montu, like Min, is another early Name which was assimilated into the cult of Amen at Uaset. Montu is originally depicted as either a bull, a hawk, or a hawk-headed man and is patron of all manner of martial arts and warfare, strength and masculine virility. The Greeks considered Montu a form of Ares, their war-god. Montu's prowess at leading armies and war parties caused his invocation before battles, and Kemet's greatest general-kings would call themselves "mighty bulls," the sons of Montu. Montu eventually would become nearly enfolded within the syncretic concept of Amen-Ra and that composite figure would absorb most of Montu's fighting nature, becoming the patron Netjer of the warrior-Pharaohs of the New Kingdom Empire.