Other Names:
Menu, Amsu

(Menu, Amsu) - "The Firm One" Originally probably a fertility-Name worshipped at Qubt (GR Coptos), even in Predynastic times, Min became associated with nearby Amen of Uaset and eventually an alternate depiction of the King of the Netjeru in all manner of temples and monuments. Min's image caused consternation both among the early Coptic Christians (who routinely defaced His monuments in temples they co-opted) and Victorian Egyptologists, who would take waist-up photographs of Min, or otherwise find ways to cover His protruding manhood (Min is always depicted ithyphallic, or with erect and uncovered phallus). Min's cult celebrated the fertility of the land with special festivals. The long-leaf lettuce which was Min's favorite food was also (probably not coincidentally) considered a powerful aphrodisiac. As this same lettuce is in later mythological cycles said to be the favorite food of Set, there may be a connection between the two Names as yet undiscovered.