(bah) can be interpreted loosely as "soul", and there has been confusion as to how the ba differs from the ka. If the ka is the part of us that remains behind after death to aid our descendants and receive aid from them in turn, the ba is the part that continues on after death to either create another ka and reincarnate, or to live eternally in the realm of the gods and goddesses. The ba represents our eternal, undying essence, unlike the ka, which repersents only the personality or conscience of a particular incarnation. Unlike a ka, the ba -- being eternal -- does not die if it is not fed. The only time a ba can be destroyed is if it is fed to Ammit. Some Names are considered the ba of other Names (Wesir, for example, is sometimes referred to as the ba of Ra, and the main god of the city of Mendes is called Banebdjedet or "ba of the Lord of Djedet" (Djedet, or Busiris, being a Delta city of Wesir) ).