(nee-SOOT) is a short form of the term "Nisut-bity," Kemetic for "The One in Authority, Bee-king," or "(S)he of the Sedge and the Bee." The sedge (a marsh plant) and the bee are the heraldic totems of Upper and Lower Kemet, respectively, and therefore a Nisut is the person who is the land's highest (and, symbolically, only) priest and ruler -- someone you may know better as Pharaoh (an inaccurate Hebrew term derived from the Kemetic name for the Nisut's palace, Per-a'a or "Great House."). Kemetic Orthodoxy's current Nisut is Her Holiness Hekatawy Alexandros (Rev. Tamara L. Siuda) (AUS), Who established the Kemetic Orthodox Religion in 1989 and founded the House of Netjer Kemetic Orthodox Temple in 1993.