Other Names:
Atum, Temu

(Atum, Temu) - "The Complete" The most abstract Name of Netjer; and indeed, in the myth cycle of An (GR Heliopolis), the Netjer from Whom all Names emanate; a very similar concept in another African religion would be Olodumare of Ifa (Yoruba/Nigeria). Like the Biblical God, Tem begins creation alone in the Nun, the deep void, or waters of potentiality. By one of two methods Tem is said to have created both all the other Names of Netjer and all creation; either through masturbation and self-impregnation, as "that Great He-She"; or through tears, mucus or other bodily fluids. Tem's first creations, Shu and Tefnut (sometimes seen as air and water), in turn create Geb (earth), Nut (sky), and sometimes Ra (sun). Geb and Nut then have five children Who are the five final Names of the Heliopolitan Ennead (see Pesedjet): Wesir, Her-wer, Set, Aset and Nebt-het. In later times, Tem assumes the symbolism of the setting sun, receiving the Boat of Ra as it descends to the western horizon.