Names of Netjer

"Netjer," a Kemetic word meaning "divine power," is the One Self-Created Deity which manifests in myriads of forms, which we call Names (Kemetic Orthodoxy is a monolatry, a specialized form of polytheism that is NOT monotheism -- see the "What is Kemetic Orthodoxy?" page for more information).

The actual number of Names, sometimes more simply (but misleadingly) called "gods" and "goddesses," figures in the thousands. This glossary is a detailed listing of the most common Names and includes the most accurate information possible regarding Them. The Names listed below are the Kemetic Orthodox approximation of how the Name would be pronounced.

Can't find the Name you're looking for? Check the alternate spellings page.

Alternate Titles

Occasionally, various Netjeru would take on special titles or theophanies which would distinguish Them from their normal manifestation, but not be a separate Netjeru on their own.

Some of these titles are listed and described below.