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Ancient Egyptian religion lives again within the Kemetic Orthodox Religion, a current-day practice of the traditional spirituality of Kemet (known today as Egypt). With Netjer's help and blessing, this most ancient tradition is honored anew by people all around the globe, returning the principles of Ma'at to a new world.

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Em hotep!

Our financial information for November is now available for review here. We raised more funds than our expenses last month by a very narrow margin (about $180). If you are able to donate this month, please consider doing so through PayPal Giving Fund. They have a special promotion this month where they are giving an extra 1% of all donations to charities. Our special page for this fundraiser can be found here:


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Finanical information for October has now been published on the financials page.

An error has been corrected in the overall 2017 monthly income & expense report for the month of August. The updated document is also available on the financials page.

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Finanical information for September has now been published on the financials page.

A lot has been done towards turning over Tawy to the Realtors, as you can see by looking at the Income and Expense sheet through September. However, we are getting very low on funds, so if you can, please donate this month.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

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(This information is being included here because we've learned the left sidebar material does not appear on certain mobile web browsers. Apologies!) Next Class Begins: October 23, 2017 All applications are being held for our next free beginners' class, to begin on or about October 23. Application review began October 10, and all applicants will be contacted by October 17.
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Em hotep! Our full financial information for the month of august has been posted on the finanicals page and the totals for the year have been updated. Final packing and preparation of Tawy House for sale are proceeding on schedule and the related expenses will be posted as part of the upcoming September report.

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