Online Events

In addition to our offline festival and fellowship gatherings, members of the House take part in various online events. Every week features an official IRC chat run either by the Nisut (AUS) or by members of the priesthood. These chats take several forms, including festival celebrations with special devotions, heka, and offerings; prayer gatherings; and teaching sessions on subjects ranging from interfaith issues to how to live in ma'at to a re-exploration of the beginners' course material. The periodic Naming chats, at which new Shemsu of the faith receive their religious names, are especially popular! (One memorable Naming chat was our first-ever trilingual chat session, as volunteer translators helped Spanish- and Portuguese-speakers to take part.) The IRC chats take place twice a week at two different times in order to accommodate both U.S. and international members.

In addition to the festival and teaching chats, there are several fellowship chats throughout the week. Using both IRC and video chat services, members come together to talk about their lives and interests and to enjoy each other's company. The video chats in particular have helped to bring members closer, deepening their connections and making their interactions more than just words typed on a screen.

Additional special chat events include the monthly Akhu Dua, which celebrates our ancestors and other beloved dead, and the occasional multi-day series of chats, such as those held in conjunction with the offline Wingfest activities in the spring of 2012. And more chats continue to be added all the time as members' interests and new events dictate.